It’s called spots. #tdf #commonwealthgames #cycling

Made some #bobsredmill #glutenfree brownins tonight. Also put some peanut butter in it as well. #vegan #whatveganeat

Getting trippy with old m8 (at Trippy Taco)

The new cross bike rides so well at the new @fojcx #cyclocross #melbcx

@pcullen getting rad at the new @fojcx #melbcx (at Essendon Airport)


By @garrett_chow: @Argonautcycles and @chadmoore of Mavic asked me to design a bike commemorating 125 years of the company’s contributions to cycling. This is the result. @johnprolly will have a full run-down on the design at #theradavist in a few. Thank you for the opportunity guys. Chad, enjoy your new bike! July 10, 2014 at 09:28AM


A regram from the legendary @melindaannejackson
Nice bike you got there.


Fresh pizza delivery and an old taco @ccspringsteen x

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